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May Newsletter

Dear Parents,


    It’s hard to believe that the school year is over! I guess it’s true when they say that time flies when you’re having fun. It’s been a joy to see our first year at Bluebird fly by (like a bluebird). J Thank you all for having shared your children with us. Have a wonderful summer!


                                                Best wishes,

                                                All of us at Bluebird Montessori Preschool




News from the Toddler Classroom:

    The month of April was full of loud roars and belly laughs as we learned all about dinosaurs. We worked as a team using brushes to excavate dinosaurs from frozen eggs, while learning about what makes each dinosaur unique. The students also worked independently to put together Dino puzzles, explore our dinosaur sensory box, and even wash a dinosaur with our dinosaur scrubbing water work.                    

The toddler class also enjoyed learning about our planet Earth and celebrating Earth Day by making “Earth cookies.” We also celebrated our planet by gardening! We have been patiently waiting, and we are thrilled that we were able to begin the gardening process. Now that we have planted our fruits, vegetables, and herbs, we have something else to eagerly await: the first sprout! We are now busy prepping for our transportation and jungle units. Over the upcoming month make sure to ask your children to teach you our songs about transportation. I’m sure they would love to sing with you!

Miss Jessie, Miss Hannah, & Mr. Dan


News from the Primary Classroom:

            As the school year comes to a close and you plan your summer vacations, we hope that your children have guided you along imaginary safaris through Africa and Australia already! In our cultural studies units in April and May, we have been studying these two continents, their habitats, and their cultures. As Earth Day came and went, we appreciated the various cycles that are responsible for many aspects of our lives on Earth: the water cycle as well as the life cycles of butterflies and chickens. We also continued work on our garden, which pays tribute to the life that our wonderful planet brings forth. We hope that the children will give you some gardening lessons at home!

Ms. Itzuko and Ms. Eva

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